Horse & Hound – Tried & Tested 9/10

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Horse & Hound sent us their fantastic review of Stable & Barn's beloved tack trolley. Never did we dream our products would end up in such a prestigious horsey mag. We posted our tack trolley off to a long standing Horse & Hound reviewer, Polly Portwin. Polly is a former senior master with the Bicester and is now the hunting editor for Horse & Hound since 2013. For 3 months the trolley was put through its paces at the yard, out hunting and all the bits in between. We received 10/10 for Fit, 10/10 for performance, 8/10 for style and 8/10 for value for money. "It was evident from the start that this was a quality product. Every part seemed robust and unsurprisingly fairly utilitarian which is what is required for an item likely to be pushed about on uneven ground or covered in mud throughout the winter.... The tack trolley instantly became one of those pieces of kit you rely upon. It was ideal for loading up with everything that was needed when getting horses ready for hunting. Verdict : Overall, this is definitely a product that I would highly recommend." http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/reviews/stable-and-yard/stable-and-barn-tack-trolley?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social#kuFt2BEMlbiOdcm2.99 The tack trolley has done us proud and continues to work everyday for Polly in her yard and hunts twice weekly.

The Perfect Tack Trolley for your Trailer

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Perfect Trailer Trolley..... Our Stable & Barn trolley neatly fits in the front of both the HB506 and HB511. Unloading the tack trolley Fitting neatly in the front of the Ifor Williams HB511 Thank you to one of our customers for sending in pictures of their Stable & Barn tack trolley in place on their HB511 Ifor Williams. The sturdy brakes on the front castors mean it doesn't go anywhere and it fits neatly at the front of the trailer. I usually advise securely affixing the trolley with additional bungee ropes. In comparison to the tack pack it is much more accommodating and offers use in the yard, stable and outside your trailer at shows. Another of the many versatile uses for our wonderful tack trolley. Perfect timing just as we set off for this show season!! Best of luck to all our competitors and we very much look forward to seeing you around the show circuit. Tack Pack Stable & Barn Tack Trolley Height 113cm 115cm Length 62cm 70cm Width 67cm 70cm Weight 10kg 16kg This is a promising field for the tack trolley to branch in to. Not only useful whilst in transit but also functional about the yard day to day. The trolley also happily trots over all terrains between the [...]