Badminton Horse Trials 2019

Stable & Barn launches new products to the range for Badminton Horse Trials 2019. This year we exhibited in the main avenue and were pleased to have so many returning customers and new faces explore our range of British manufactured goods. It has been three-years since we first had our first stand in World of the Horse and we could not be happier to be here. This year we launched the car boot saddle rack which was a real crowd pleaser. All us horsey folk have far too much kit and there isn't enough out there to organise it! We here at Stable & Barn have spent many long years with lovely, often expensive, saddles upended in our boots and we decided it was time for change! Of course, new faces in all disciplines and all riding pursuits were impressed with our modular tack system. The trolley wowed eventers (even those completing at the 4* event) and all the fabulous visitors to the event. It is still so exciting to explain to new customers how the integrated modular system works and see how fascinated people are when they realise how versatile the system is and how easy it is to create a truly individual equestrian system for your own home. We were delighted to see one of our [...]

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Rockingham Horse Trials with Stable & Barn Tack Trolley

Rockingham Horse Trials finally has the sun and all the top competitors are out jumping today for the final day of the show.  We welcomed customers on to the stand and showed off our tack trolley and accessories. People are still amazed with the stability, versatility and quality of our product. We had many competitors wheel off a trolley across the mud and puddles (from Friday's down poor) to their beautiful horse boxes. Rockingham Horse Trials has been running for 5 years now and continues to grow in popularity. Just shy of 1,000 horses have been entered to compete in the eventing classes and around 700 more are expected for the Pony Club and Riding Club team showjumping, Arena eventing, British Showjumping and Burghley Young Event Horse classes. Many of the biggest names in the sport of eventing will be galloping around the Castle’s Great Park. British number one Oliver Townend has 10 horses entered, while William Fox-Pitt and Andrew Nicholson (NZL) have five apiece, Zara Tindall has four and Sir Mark Todd (NZL) three. Tim Price (NZL), Kitty King, Mark Kyle (IRL) and Jonty Evans (IRL) are among the Rio 2016 veterans and there will be a strong presence from Team French; local rider Piggy French, a past European silver medallist, is back after a year out to have [...]

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Trailblazers Championships 2017

Today we excitedly announce teaming up with "The Western Shop" owner Fiona Powley to host a stand at the Trailblazers Championships in July 2017. As a youngster many of Stable & Barn's team found trailblazers a pivotal championships to aspire to. Trailblazers offers those in unaffiliated spheres the chance to work through many competition rounds aiming for the National Championships in July at Stoneleigh Park. With no joining fee competitors can compete in any or all of the disciplines held at approximately 60 venues across the UK. The only Equestrian Competition Series that you can become a member of without a joining fee enabling Horse and Rider combinations to complete in ANY or ALL of the following disciplines - Show Jumping, Dressage, Combined Training, Showing and Working Hunter With the Trailblazers Competition Series you can do as little or as much as you like! http://www.trailblazerschampionships.com Get yourself to one of the venues to qualify and we will see you there! Good Luck!

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Badminton Horse Trials with Team Tattersall

We proudly attended Badminton Horse Trials 2017 both with our trade stand and in the stables! The two saddle customised tack trolley In action at Badminton Horse Trials How super to have been behind the scenes with Gemma Tattersall (www.gemmatattersall.com) after her amazing cross country phase at Badminton this year. The legendary cross country course certainly caused many thrills and spills on Saturday and Gemma was brilliant as ever. We were very excited to be sent these pictures of the trolley working hard (but not as much as the grooms!) in the Stables. We were thrilled she had a clear show jumping phase leaving the pair on a score of 60.2 which was valiantly deserved. Best of luck for the next show.  

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Horse & Hound – Tried & Tested 9/10

Horse & Hound sent us their fantastic review of Stable & Barn's beloved tack trolley. Never did we dream our products would end up in such a prestigious horsey mag. We posted our tack trolley off to a long standing Horse & Hound reviewer, Polly Portwin. Polly is a former senior master with the Bicester and is now the hunting editor for Horse & Hound since 2013. For 3 months the trolley was put through its paces at the yard, out hunting and all the bits in between. We received 10/10 for Fit, 10/10 for performance, 8/10 for style and 8/10 for value for money. "It was evident from the start that this was a quality product. Every part seemed robust and unsurprisingly fairly utilitarian which is what is required for an item likely to be pushed about on uneven ground or covered in mud throughout the winter.... The tack trolley instantly became one of those pieces of kit you rely upon. It was ideal for loading up with everything that was needed when getting horses ready for hunting. Verdict : Overall, this is definitely a product that I would highly recommend." http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/reviews/stable-and-yard/stable-and-barn-tack-trolley?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social#kuFt2BEMlbiOdcm2.99 The tack trolley has done us proud and continues to work everyday for Polly in her yard and hunts twice weekly.

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The Perfect Tack Trolley for your Trailer

Perfect Trailer Trolley..... Our Stable & Barn trolley neatly fits in the front of both the HB506 and HB511. Unloading the tack trolley Fitting neatly in the front of the Ifor Williams HB511 Thank you to one of our customers for sending in pictures of their Stable & Barn tack trolley in place on their HB511 Ifor Williams. The sturdy brakes on the front castors mean it doesn't go anywhere and it fits neatly at the front of the trailer. I usually advise securely affixing the trolley with additional bungee ropes. In comparison to the tack pack it is much more accommodating and offers use in the yard, stable and outside your trailer at shows. Another of the many versatile uses for our wonderful tack trolley. Perfect timing just as we set off for this show season!! Best of luck to all our competitors and we very much look forward to seeing you around the show circuit. Tack Pack Stable & Barn Tack Trolley Height 113cm 115cm Length 62cm 70cm Width 67cm 70cm Weight 10kg 16kg This is a promising field for the tack trolley to branch in to. Not only useful whilst in transit but also functional about the yard day to day. The trolley also happily trots over all terrains between the [...]

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Gatcombe Horse Trials

Gatcombe was a big show for us. Many local customers and friends said hello and the stand was buzzing for the 3 days. Fortunately there was fabulous weather too which meant the chilled prosecco from the food hall opposite went down very well. The sommelier was also very kind letting us taste his vast array of wines, many times, just to be sure! Highlights included Wanderberry and Caroline Smail who loved the trolley and is already putting it to good use around home. Lizzie Coombs, head of the Langford Trust who also runs the dog creche at Badminton Horse Trials, popped in. I purchased a lovely hunting whip bracelet from the gorgeous Andrew at Hi-Ho Silver (www.hihosilver.co.uk) and as ever marvelled at the Fairfax & Favour collection (www.fairfaxandfavour.com), justifying further expenditure by the fact that one needs the matching shoes to her handbag. The show was lacking the usual big names this year as they were off representing us at Rio and unfortunately Princess Anne was unable to do her usual "rounds" of all the stands as she was very pre-occupied with the Olympic Committee. However the competition was great and all the PC riders had the time of their lives. It was only in 2004 I was in their shoes, so emotionally, I told them to savour every minute. [...]

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Withington Manor Horse Trials

As we set up on Friday evening we were reminded that this gorgeous hill top setting, which provides fantastic xc viewing has been coined by the regular attendees as "Windy Withington". The gazebo didn't blow away but most of our tent pegs were bent by Sunday! All competitors were enthused about the products and it was great to get people feeling how light, manoeuvrable and versatile the products are. It was a highlight to say hello to Chris Burton (Australian Olympic Rider) who had a push of the trolley too! We were very cold and windswept, but the square bucket of Prosecco kept us warm! Many thanks to Mr & Mrs. Brenninkmeijer for having us at their gorgeous venue.

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Your Horse Live, Stoneleigh Park 14-15th

Pitching up on Friday night we managed to set up the stand before heading out to a lovely restaurant with the fabulous Hi-Ho Silver Jewellery Team who had a stand at Cheltenham Races. Hi-Ho Silver has been touring the UK , European and US show circuit for a number of years now and is a very well established brand. Before embarking upon the show circuit myself I often bought beautiful bracelets and necklaces for myself and as presents from them. Many of my friends have their wildlife jewellery range. Saturday started very promptly and people flooded in from 9am, having already been queuing outside eager for the show. Many people stopped and inspected the trolley, intrigued to see a new product to the equestrian scene. Feeling the trolley across the show ground terrain they realised how lightweight, manoeuvrable and yet robust it was. Customers ranged from Scotland to Cornwall, Stud yards, Riding stables and liveries and those stabled at home. Ben Hobday’s appearance was fantastic and it showed exactly how huge the level of support for him was. Paul Tapner trained the Bristol Riding Team whilst I was on the Committee and I am so pleased his career is going from strength to strength. I spotted a mini-team-Tapner coat on his daughter, which was adorable.

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Fiera Cavalli

I do hope you are, or will be, lucky enough to have visited Verona. It is a fabulous city, which bustles with locals who really enjoy life. There is never an empty cafe or bar. Intermingled with  locals frantically conversing, eating and drinking in fantastic fashion is beautiful architecture. The Fiera is situated a few kilometres outside the city and draws most of Italy to its arena. Almost 60% of this show is dedicated to natural horsemanship, western riding, showing of Fresians, Paint horses, Arabas and much more. I watched an excellent Spanish riding competition also. There are demonstrations of incredible breeds and riding styles.

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